Gala Committee

Welcome to the 68th Gatehouse Gala!

Once again, it gives me great pleasure, on behalf of everyone on our Gala Committee, to welcome you all – whether local or visitor – to Gatehouse of Fleet Gala 2019. As many of you will know by now, we get much pride and pleasure each year from presenting our gala for the enjoyment of the community. In turn, it is both satisfying and rewarding to see how much the community values and supports it.
We always try to provide a combination of new ideas and well-established favourites over the course of the eight days, and yet again we feel there’s something for everyone, whatever age, this year. We’re always keen, in particular, to come up with fresh ideas for our activities on Gala Day itself, as this is always a core feature of the week – and we hope that this year this will again be an interesting and enjoyable occasion for everyone!
Of course, Gala wouldn’t take place without the dedication, commitment and hard work of my committee members. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of preparation for such an event as this, so I take this opportunity of thanking my hard-working volunteer committee for their unequivocal support throughout the year. Without that commitment, the Gala just wouldn’t happen. Equally, I like to thank the wider community for its (your) support as it always amazes me each year just how many people turn out and pull together – in so many different ways – to offer their time and expertise to ensure each Gala is as memorable as the one before it.
I end by wishing you all a lovely Gala Week, however much you participate, and whatever events you attend. Let’s hope for a week of good weather—and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at some point over the course of the eight days!
David McNicol, Chairman

Back row: Dave Hill, Mike Fairnie, Allison Fairnie, Sara-leigh Cain, Wendy Roscoe, David McNicol, Wendy Moffat, Gerard Macnamara and Alan Vinnie.
Front Row: Vivienne Hill, Sylvia Napper, Brian Napper and Howard McLean.

Message from Gatehouse Citizen of the Year Nigel Scott

Through my day-to-day activities and involvement in and around Gatehouse, it is clear, not only how active are its residents, but also how much pride they have in the local community. The annual Gala is just one example of that pride. It is an opportunity to showcase just what a community of this size can achieve.
As ‘Citizen of the Year’, I’m fortunate in being only too aware of the willingness of everyone involved in the Gala. If you’re not able to be involved directly in any of this year’s activities yourself, I hope that at least you’ll be able to participate as a spectator.
Whatever your involvement, I hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

If you need more details, have an idea or would like to help with any of the Gala events please email